how the Arsonist
thought He
was gonna
cause a revolution.

All will burn
then turn
and be reborn.

His first attempt
was a fizzle.

And before 
going on the lam,
He sent His Spirit
down to set off
 a global warming.

And from His hideout,
only the Arsonist
appreciates the sad irony.

 His followers
hearing His story
in quiet,
air conditioned comfort. 

Good morning - Midnight!

Emily Dickinson

Good morning—Midnight!
I'm coming home,
Day—got tired of me—
How could I—of him?

Sunshine was a sweet place—
I liked to stay—
But Morn—didn't want me—now—
So good night—Day!

I can look—can’t I—
When the East is Red?
The Hills—have a way—then—
That puts the Heart—abroad—

You are not so fair—Midnight—
I chose—Day—
But—please take a little Girl—
He turned away!

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam trans. Edward Henry Whinfield 1883

In a lone waste I saw a debauchee,  
He had no home, no faith, no heresy,  
No God, no truth, no law, no certitude;  
Where in this world is man so bold as he?