Miracle (David Wilcox)

A bright star in the winter sky
Led to Bethlehem that night
But only three traveled there to see
And the rest just wished they might

Few will chose to follow
Out of all the star invites
Most will hide safe inside
With the lantern turned up bright

Waiting for a miracle

The journey was a long one
So the story's told
These three guys
Walking side by side
With their incense and gold

People all along the highway
They just shook their heads
They looked hard at that distant star
And went back to bed

'Cause they were
Waiting for a miracle

The star was dim and distant
To those who stayed at home
But every heart that follows
Behold a light was shone

Hark! The herald angels sing
The song is bright and clear
It's so quiet on this road tonight
As the travelers' star appears

But right outside my window
Quiet as can be
All that time making up my mind
The angels wait for me

Waiting for a miracle


There Will Be a Day

Return to us, God Almighty!
Look down from heaven and see!
(Psalm 80:14)

If you do not wake up,
I will come like a thief,
and you will not know
at what hour I will come to you.
(Rev. 3:3b)

On the second Christmas,
When He returns.

Not as a baby
But as the King.

No star directing those to see Him
But He who is the Light in the darkness

Not escaping to Egypt
But reclaiming those who kept the faith.

No gifts from the wise men
But reviewing what the faithful and unfaithful
did with theirs.

On the second Christmas,
When He returns.

The Last Adam

There’s only one God
whose strength can not be measured
whose wisdom is far beyond comprehension.

Who came down from His home
Not to exhibit His mighty power
or show off His knowledge.

But to live a life
like one of His creations -  Adam
As a baby
As a child
As a man
As a Teacher
As a Healer
As the Christ.