How come Satan isn’t in the Christmas play?

Matthew 1:18-2:18 (Birth Of Jesus)

If there’s one rule Satan knows by heart,
It’s cut them off at the knees
before they start.

Here’s how he began his perverse behavior
of how he attempted to stop my Savior.

Gave Joseph the idea of a quiet divorce,
and when that failed,
he changed course.
He tried something stranger ,
make His birthplace a lowly manger.

The Magi came to adore the child,
leaving behind a pile of bling.
Yeah, how Satan hoped those gifts would blind
Mary and Joseph
who really was the King.

Oh how the devil hated what he planned next,
try to fulfill his mission
with the aid of politicians.

Herod issued a proclamation for slaughter,
baby boys, but not the daughters.
And while wailing mothers laid their sons in the crypt.
a family hurried toward Egypt.

And Satan muttered to his dark own self:
There is still time
to show who’s boss.
I just gotta stop Him
before the cross.