Throughout the night, He wrestles Jacob,
As well as enters into Joseph’s dreams.

He comes in the storm in Job,
and a whisper with Elijah.

He is the architect for Noah and Solomon.
The building inspector at Babel
and houses built on sand.

He sets the prisoners free.
Embraces the wayward prodigal.
Accepts Judas’ kiss,
along with the strike to the other cheek.

He is the Light of the world
and the fire at Pentecost.

He arrives in a manger
in Bethlehem.
Departs as a sacrifice
at Calvary.
And will return as Host of the First Supper
in New Jerusalem.

He is what our parents warned us about:
“You can’t be everything to all people.”



Unless the LORD builds the house,
its builders labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchmen stand guard in vain.
Psalm 127:1)

Wherever you are,
I AM with you.
(but I want you to be nearer.)

Whatever you do,
I AM with you.
(but I want you to be no one else’s disciple.)

The times when you are sinsick,
I AM with you.
(I want you to remember who you really are.)

When you accept My grace,
I AM with you.
(I want you to remember who I AM.)

I AM never through with you.
I AM who I AM.



The Sixth Day

He stands on the approach.
The Light is on.
He is ready.
In His mind,
He sees it.
An unrushed four step approach
stopping right before the foul (fair?) line
releasing a smooth roll.

This game of His creation seems a bit too easy.
Land - STRIKE!
Vegetation - STRIKE!
Birds - STRIKE!
Animals- STRIKE!

The angels said:
“You’re en fuego, Almighty One!
What’s next?”

God said
“Let us create one more.
Creatures in our own image.
We’ll teach them how to play this game.”

He thought,
“Oh, what a great day!”
as He looked at the innocents.
He told them:
“Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!
Tomorrow, it will be just Me and you for the day.”

The clueless ones nodded
and wondered
when dinner would be served.


Job 41:11 “I'm in charge of all this—
I run this universe!” (Message)

Man made candles.
God created light.

Man made refrigerators.
God created glaciers.

Man made clocks.
God created eternity.

Man wrote books.
God composed the best seller.

Man rations his love each day.
God loves like there’s no tomorrow.

Man repeatedly attempts to save his world.
God sighs,
because its already been done.


This serious book

This book
the story
of God.

A God who
just wanted
His people
to acknowledge
who He is.

This book
the story
of His people.

A people who repeatedly
remembered and forgot
to acknowledge
who their God is.

This book
of those who remember
will have Life.

This book
of those who forget
will have Death.

And this book
of a God that is so serious
He had man write it all down
and then He signed it in His own blood.



Why, O LORD, do you stand far off ?
Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble? (Psalm 10:1)

“Where are You, Lord?”
I cried out.

GOD replied,
I AM in…..

The two ruined stone tablets
your brokenness.

The burning bush
your passion.

The Temple
your worship.

My feeding of the multitudes
your charity.

The empty tomb
your freedom.”

Then GOD laughed.
“Where am I?
Well, there will be one more way
you can see Me,
but for you
that time has not come.”


I believe
in a God
that created a world
to allow me to understand
what heaven and hell are like.

I believe
in a God
that sent His Son
to save me
from myself.

I believe
in a God
that sent His Spirit
to keep me
from being my old self.

I believe
in a God
that created a holy Church
in order that His
(and not my)
will be done.

I believe
in a God
that will judge the work
assigned to
all of His servants.

I believe
in a God
that will create a new world
where two languages are forever spoken -
Truth and Love.