(Matthew 18:1-4; 22:30/Mark 3:33-35/John 3:3)

Will Jane know Aunt Mary?
That reunion could be kind of scary.
Chairman Mao in Paradise would be a bigger surprise,
Than to see them together after my earthly demise.

Will Johnny talk to Grandpa?
And will Pa kiss Ma?
Will Dan recognize his ex-wife?
I kind of doubt it in the afterlife.

Heaven is the ultimate fresh start-
No more memos, not even a pie chart.
No one has an earthly past.
Yeah, you can’t even remember that bomb blast.

Everyone’s a stranger,
Yet no one is in danger.
Jesus is our common friend,
“Come to the feast!” His invitation extends.

Will Paul tell what happened at Damascus?
Can I ask Tiger who’s his favorite porn actress?
Will Dan say hello to his fourth wife?
I kind of doubt it in the afterlife.