Lost Focus

Mark 7:7 And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.

Does your Bible translation really matter?
Will it change who’s your Master?

Does it matter where you go to church?
For two times a year, you do put in a lot of research.

Does it matter that you understand the Trinity?
As long as is it isn’t the
Money, Sex and Power obscenity.

Does your church looks down
at some baptisms as subequal?
Come on guys!
It’s not a secret initiation ritual.

What’s up with the fish on your car?
Does it protect you on the way home from the bar?

Is someone waging war on Christmas Day?
Oh, Santa will find them out and make them pay.

Worship music selection.
Who to vote for in the next election.
The prosperity gospel is so perverse.
Oh, this poem is just gone from bad to worse.

So I’m just gonna sing:
I'm coming back to
the heart of worship.
And it's all about You ,
All about You ,
Jesus. [1]

1 - Heart of Worship (1999) ; Matt Redman