God had a ringside seat

(Meditation on psalm 10)

verses 1-2

God had a ringside throne,
and watched the poor man get a payday loan
on his unemployment check.1

verses 3-4

Why didn’t God go berserk
when He heard
The head of Goldman Sachs’ smirk
that his style of banking was God’s work.2

verses 5-6

His evil schemes are too good to derail.
He ain’t going to jail.
The excuse is
“I’m too big to fail.”3

verses 12-15

Why does this community
act like they have absolute immunity?
Oh Lord, when are you gonna inflict some pain?
Or least pay attention when we complain?

verses 16-17

Oh Lord, you take care of orphans and the oppressed
the hungry and the undressed
Strike down the evil
that has caused this economic upheaval.

1.--Payday lenders giving advances on unemployment checks

2-Goldman Sachs doing God’s work

3- Too big to fail