Do you hear what I hear?

Luke 8:4-8 (Parable of the Soils)

When he said this, he called out, "He who has ears to hear,
let him hear.”

Inside our souls
there are four chambers
where God’s word can reside.

In one part
God expected a praise,
Instead He heard the phrase:
“One of these days,”
or even worse:
“No puedo hablar ingl├ęs.”

There is another section
that once had God’s affection.
But now
all He hears about are
issues of fear, gossip and recession.

The third segment
started out like they were glory bound
only to run aground.
They blamed some bad weed
for causing them to not take heed.
O Lord, say a prayer for the pretender,
They couldda been a contender.

The last delegation
follows the Creator’s wishes
without procrastination.
They do not become weary in working out
their salvation,
and the harvest they bring in
is beyond all earthly calculation.