God had a ringside seat

(Meditation on psalm 10)

verses 1-2

God had a ringside throne,
and watched the poor man get a payday loan
on his unemployment check.1

verses 3-4

Why didn’t God go berserk
when He heard
The head of Goldman Sachs’ smirk
that his style of banking was God’s work.2

verses 5-6

His evil schemes are too good to derail.
He ain’t going to jail.
The excuse is
“I’m too big to fail.”3

verses 12-15

Why does this community
act like they have absolute immunity?
Oh Lord, when are you gonna inflict some pain?
Or least pay attention when we complain?

verses 16-17

Oh Lord, you take care of orphans and the oppressed
the hungry and the undressed
Strike down the evil
that has caused this economic upheaval.

1.--Payday lenders giving advances on unemployment checks

2-Goldman Sachs doing God’s work

3- Too big to fail


Ode to a Halloween Witch

Romans 13:14 Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

On the day of Halloween
you pull away from the TV screen.
And switch into being a different someone
ready for a day of fun.

When you return to the humble abode
with so much sugar
that your brain might explode.
Afterwards, you change back into the costume
that the world wants you to assume.

Up in heaven Jesus asks
for you to remove that mask
that makes you appear serene
and covers up a soul of mean.

“I made you an original designer outfit.
This might be the best I ever done, I’ll admit.
This look that will give your spouse such heavenly bliss,
Yeah, you’ll won’t ask: “Do I look fat in this?”
In these clothes, every church lady will be jealous,
Oh, Baby - You’ll be Marvelous!”


Memo to the Boss

Matthew 6:9-13 (NIV) (The Lord’s Prayer)

“The world is organized in settled formulae,
so that pastoral letters and love letters sound like memos.”
** “Finally Comes the Poet” Walter Brueggeman p 3

To: God@heaven.com


Hope You’re having a nice weekend.

We will implement the corporate plan You have devised.

Yes, I’ve talked to people who have been using the Son’s name (and Yours) in an inappropriate manner. I have relayed that this will not be tolerated and if it continues they can go exercise their free speech rights with the competition.

A few trouble areas You may want to look into this coming week:

1. Departmental Relations: The “Love thy Enemy” motivational poster to say it mildly is a failure. The world polarization index made its seventh straight monthly increase. First attempts out of PR are pretty weak: “Can’t we all get along?” Could You swing by their office with some inspiration?

2. The competition: Let’s face it, Your Boy hit it on the head:. "Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin!”(Matthew 18:7a) . Two millenniums later it’s worse than ever. The other side is labeling us as marginal players! How can we recover with only utilizing love? Can I get some face time to discuss this?

As always, thank You keeping me fed physically and spiritually,

Your humble servant.


How come Satan isn’t in the Christmas play?

Matthew 1:18-2:18 (Birth Of Jesus)

If there’s one rule Satan knows by heart,
It’s cut them off at the knees
before they start.

Here’s how he began his perverse behavior
of how he attempted to stop my Savior.

Gave Joseph the idea of a quiet divorce,
and when that failed,
he changed course.
He tried something stranger ,
make His birthplace a lowly manger.

The Magi came to adore the child,
leaving behind a pile of bling.
Yeah, how Satan hoped those gifts would blind
Mary and Joseph
who really was the King.

Oh how the devil hated what he planned next,
try to fulfill his mission
with the aid of politicians.

Herod issued a proclamation for slaughter,
baby boys, but not the daughters.
And while wailing mothers laid their sons in the crypt.
a family hurried toward Egypt.

And Satan muttered to his dark own self:
There is still time
to show who’s boss.
I just gotta stop Him
before the cross.


If Jesus is the reason for the season

(Christmas Meditation)
If Jesus is the reason for the season,
Why does the world see that as high treason?

The world screams: “We need to be overextending!
We can’t go through Xmas without overspending!”
Oh, come on!
What’s better than having some fun until dawn
or even reading the Gospel of John.

If Jesus is the reason for the season,
What giving would be the most pleasing?

Writing a fan letter to your favorite celeb in detox,
Packing a three pack of condoms in a seafarer’s box,
Slipping a gift card to a toll road attendant,
Oh, I feel sorry for those atheist nonobservants.

Yes, Jesus is the reason for my being,
And after I’ve finished singing
all about a world full of joy,
Guess what? -Here comes the birthday Boy!

You want Your gift?
What do You desire from a world set adrift?
Ipods, laptops or bling?
You want everything!?!?!? [1]

Note 1- Luke 14:33



Like Hemingway drank his scotch,
Like dogs who want to sniff your crotch.
Like the mother who loves her babies,
Like when the doctor told you didn’t have rabies.
Like I only can love you.

Like kids wasting the day on their Playstation Three,
Like when you say “There’s nothing good on TV.”
Like America loves its guns,
Like when we watch Law & Order reruns.
Like I only can love you.

Like Hillary still needs her Bill,
Like when you cried from that waxing from Brazil.
Like evangelicals love Tim Tebow,
Like when we dreamed we’d go to the carnival in Rio.
Like I only can love you.


Blinded by the Light

Meditation on John 9)

When I was blind
I was defined
by my parent’s sin
not by God’s design.

When I was blind
I was resigned
to listen to stories
of a God
who was hard to please.

When I was blind
I would whine
about the world being unfair
that was ruled by a God who doesn’t care.

When I was blind
I would remind
my fellow sightless
about the God we failed to impress.

When I was blind
I almost declined
to have Someone place
mud on my face.

When I was blind,
I washed in the pool He assigned.
Then what came next was such a fright-
I was now blinded by the Light.

I was blinded by the Light
A miracle by the God I used to slight.
Even my neighbors didn’t know me,
They may have sight, but still couldn’t see.

When I was blinded by the Light
I told the rabbis of my regained sight.
Boy, they got all bent,
Because that procedure was not an approved treatment.

I am blinded by the Light
Now I see what’s wrong and what’s right.
Goodbye to the days of being confined,
Adios to the nights when I was blind.


Jesus wants to know

“Is anything worth more than your soul?” [1]

A nite with a freak named Nicole,

A lottery win to get off the dole,

“Is anything worth more than your soul?”

“Why did you doubt?” [2]

When I’m with you day-in and day-out

Instead you stay home and pout

“Why did you doubt?”

“Why are you sleeping?” [3]

You should be in the vineyard

Sowing or reaping

“Why are you sleeping?”

"Why do you do not do what I say?” [4]

In order to understand/you have to pray

In order to love /you have to obey

"Why do you do not do what I say? “

“Won’t I leave the 99 to search for you?”[5]

Yeah, everybody else is so untrue

Especially when they get a call at quarter past two

“Won’t I leave the 99 to search for you?”

“Why do you call Me good?“ [6]

You only do /When I act like you think I should

But the rest of time /My word is so misunderstood

“Why do you call Me good? “

"Do you believe what I say?” [7]

I am the Truth, the Life and the Way.

Unfortunately that fact causes so much dismay,

"Do you believe what I say?"

“How much longer must I put up with you?” [8]

How much longer before I lose My cool?

How much longer before I’ll scream “I pity the fool !”?

“How much longer must I put with you?”

1 Matthew 16:26 (NLT)
2 Matthew 14:31 (NIV)
3 Luke 22:46 (NIV)
4 Luke 6:46 (NIV)
5 Matthew 18:12 (NLT)
6 Mark 10:18 (NIV)
7 John 5:47 (NIV)
8 Luke 9:41 (NIV)


I am

(John 6-7)

I am
bread and water
that will
hunger and thirst

I am
in order to

I am


Artistic Differences

(John 7:1-9)

His brothers said:
“How can Your ministry be spread?
Come on, take Your act on the road.
This is Your time - Be bold!”

Jesus replied:
“The world wants to tan My hide.
Despite what you think,
The timing stinks!”

“You guys go on ahead,
I’m going to lie in My own bed,
Take it easy and unwind.
Have some Me time-
Then I’m gonna save mankind.”


God’s Game of the Year (12/08/2002)

Jesus said:
Father, there are things You hide
from the wise and the well-read,
and reveal them only in little children heads.
(Paraphrase Mt. 11:25)

Boxscore of game :

Prayer requests were asked before
the Sunday School would bolt out the door.
The usual fare was requested of the Lord,
Lost pets to be found and
Healing for sick grandmas in the hospital ward.
Just before we started to pray,
A boy asked for a Houston Texan win today.

I stopped and said:
“No matter how many players point overhead,
I kind of doubt
That God cares who wins out.
So let’s pray for good coaching,
our defensive line won’t repeatedly be encroaching,
and may no one will leave the game
with a surgery approaching.”

So we said our prayers
humble and meek
and I sent them out for another week.
The kid hangs back and tells me
he said a prayer in his heart for a Texan victory.
Dang, if he read the Chronicle he would have seen,
Houston was an underdog of fourteen.

And up in heaven, God’s assistant was reading
all the Sabbath’s special pleadings.
She said: “Lord, I know you do not interfere
in the games on which man plays with the oblong sphere.
But there’s a game where there is just a single prayer
from a child who wants Your will to bear.”

“Angel, do Me a favor and
look down into future and see
and tell what would be required of Me?”

So off to Pittsburgh she went full bore
and back she came with part of the box score.
She stared at the stats as hard as she could
and said “Lord, this is not very good.
Forty-seven total yards is what this team will realize,
After all, they are simply a first year franchise.”

And God said, “Just this once,
For this child I will intervene,
But I really don’t want the world to turn Me into
a NFL prediction machine”

So as Catholics celebrated the feast of the Immaculate Conception,
The Texans scored off two Tommy Maddox interceptions
They returned a fumble for another score
The final: Steelers six ; Texans Twenty-four

Sometimes I’ll pull the boxscore from my wallet and wonder
what I told that child -was it a blunder?
It was a request to God whose intentions were pure,
unlike my desperate pleas for my football pool
which is so way immature.


Would I lie to You?

Matthew 4:1-11 (Temptation of Jesus)

“Marge, it takes two to lie. One to lie and one to listen.”
--Homer Simpson

After a baptism
that approached apocalypticism,
I saw my chance
for Him
to lose His blissfulness
out there in the wilderness.

Twice I started my pitch with the facade
“If you are the Son of God,”
He didn’t fall for any of that bologna
Instead He quoted Deuter-o-nomy.

That caused me to lose my cool,
Because scripture is my best deceiving tool.

I recklessly offered Him the whole plantation
(I even threw in the ocean)
The simple asking price of this temptation
Give me Your total devotion.

He laughed and requested the title deed,
As He viewed my sorry attack as mediocre
Yeah, I know
His daddy is the world’s biggest broker.

He again quoted Scripture
and asked me to depart.
Now I gotta work
on His disciples
if I’m going to break His heart.


Meditation on Revelation 20:2-3

2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3 He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended.

Perhaps the reason
God threw Satan down in the hole
for a season
was love and not control.

Maybe it was the Almighty’s intent
was for Satan to repent.
To let go of his dream of domination
and to accept the gift of Salvation.

Because if you believe God’s love is infinite
then there’s no way He can quit
even on the angel
from Hell.



(Matthew 18:1-4; 22:30/Mark 3:33-35/John 3:3)

Will Jane know Aunt Mary?
That reunion could be kind of scary.
Chairman Mao in Paradise would be a bigger surprise,
Than to see them together after my earthly demise.

Will Johnny talk to Grandpa?
And will Pa kiss Ma?
Will Dan recognize his ex-wife?
I kind of doubt it in the afterlife.

Heaven is the ultimate fresh start-
No more memos, not even a pie chart.
No one has an earthly past.
Yeah, you can’t even remember that bomb blast.

Everyone’s a stranger,
Yet no one is in danger.
Jesus is our common friend,
“Come to the feast!” His invitation extends.

Will Paul tell what happened at Damascus?
Can I ask Tiger who’s his favorite porn actress?
Will Dan say hello to his fourth wife?
I kind of doubt it in the afterlife.


Ten Commandments

There is one God. All others are pagan.
His name is not Buddha,Shiva,Oprah or Reagan.

This one God demands His glory to be the highest.
Only worship Him from New York to Budapest.

This one God hates those who continually curse Him
with their breath.
His Law states those who do
will be put to death. [1]

The Lord could see man developing hypertension,
So the Sabbath was His life saving invention.

The previous four commands relate to the Father
The next six are for our sisters and brothers.

God placed you in your parents care,
so you can learn how to live, love and share.

Choose life’s promise and not death’s grave.
Jesus died so all may be saved.

Honor all relationships including your mate,
Involve the prodigal as well as the cheapskate.

Goods should not be smuggled,
as well as books should not be juggled.

May dishonesty abate,
With everyone speaking freely without words of hate.

If want is confused with need,
The result will be definitely Greed.

There is one more given from Above:
Jesus said: “Love, love, love!” [2]

1- Lev 24:16
2 -Mark 12:30-31


King James Pet

(Numbers 23:22; 24:8, Job 39:9-10; Psalms 29:6, 92:10 KJV)

If you ever want a little fun
ask someone
who thinks the King James Bible
is the only one for the meek and humble.
This question -
“Do you believe in unicorns?”

He’ll probably retort
that you’re probably low a quart.
“Unicorns are just scribbles
in little girls’ journals.”

“Oh,” I said
“I think unicorns were one of God’s favorites.
Maybe even the Holy Spirit’s!”

He was incensed
because blasphemy he was against.
He slammed his Bible on the table,
“OK , show me in here, if you’re able.

I opened up to Psalm 92
and read verse ten :
"But my horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn:
I shall be anointed with fresh oil."

He didn’t share my mirth
“You know that poets use images
that do not exist on this earth.
How about a more credible message?
I ‘ll settle for Jesus
or even the prophet Amos.”

I opened up to Job 39:9-10
“Will God do, my friend?”

[God said to Job:]
9 Will the unicorn be willing to serve thee, or abide by thy crib?
10 Canst thou bind the unicorn with his band in the furrow?
or will he harrow the valleys after thee?

“ Do you believe in them?” he mumbled.
“I would, but they’re not in my Bible,” I replied.
He answered:
“Maybe you should,
Since they were one of God’s favorites.
Maybe even the Holy Spirit’s!”


Parable of Barry Bonds

(Sunday School lesson)
1 Corinthians 12:18-19
But as it is, God arranged the members in the body, each one of them,
as he chose. If all were a single member, where would the body be?

Imagine there was a mad scientist.
And he could clone a person if he could get
a hold of some money.

He went to a major league owner of a baseball team
and said he could deliver 25
Barry Bonds to him by opening day.
His fee -Fifty-five million dollars.
The owner blinded by greed agreed to the deal
and fired the entire roster.

And on opening day, the mad alchemist brought his
carbon copies to the ball park.
The Bonds gave a great exhibition of batting practice
with balls traveling in excess of 500 feet.

The owner gladly filled out and signed
over the check to the mad scientist.

"How about watching the game from my private box?"

"No, I gotta get to the bank before it closes."

"Alrighty, thanks again."

And just before game time, the manager ran up to
the owners box.

"Boss, we got trouble."

"Whadda you mean "we got trouble ?"

"All of them want to play left field.
None them can pitch,
wear catcher's gear,
play on the left side of the infield
not to mention the bench warmers."

"What's their problem?"

"They all are sitting in this big recliner in front of the
60 inch screen TV in the clubhouse."

"Who are you calling, Boss?"

"Hello, This Mr. Steinbrenner. Has someone come and
cashed a 55 million dollar check this afternoon?"

"O.K., thank you."
"Well Joe, it's gonna be a long season."

Moral of the story: We all can't be superstars,
but with our individual talents
together with Jesus
we can shine.


No Vacancy

Mark 8:17 “Are your hearts too hard to take it in?”

How Jesus hates when I turn on the no vacancy sign
on in my heart.

He walks up to the front desk, asks for His suite and
I tell him His room has been taken .

"By whom?", He asks.

"Work, family, my possessions, my sinfulness and
a couple of other things I rather not mention in public."

"But I had a reservation for the best room you got."

"Sorry , I got a smoking room next to the elevator.
Will that do until I can sort things out?"

But Jesus had already started to leave, muttering
under His breath, "Just like Bethlehem.".

And these are the last words He said to me before he left,

"We're going to have to talk about this."


Holy Week Checklist

(Mark 14, Matthew 26,Luke 22)

Anger the leaders of My religion.
You know the ones that condone selling a dove.
(when it’s really a pigeon.)

Get blessed with an expensive ointment.
May she always be remembered for this event.
(much to My disciples’ disappointment.)

Gotta find Me a betrayer,
I hate to think who could be My slayer.
(Thank you Satan, for finding the player.)

Found the room and the food for the Passover meal.
Unleavened bread and wine for two cups apiece is ideal.
(Not to mention the lamb is already on the grill.)

Told the Twelve remember this meal always.
“For the bread is My body and the wine is My blood,” I prayed.
(For this Last Supper will be known as the Holy Thursday.)

Explained to Peter that he would deny Me times three.
He said “I’ll never desert you.” and the rest agreed.
(Lord, what fools these mortals be!)

Went to the garden to pray three times about the upcoming task.
Each time, three of my crew fainted and crashed.
(After the third time, I was checking for a flask.)

Patience for meeting Pilate, Herod and Caiaphas.
My words have no meaning to these upper classes.
(And boy, what a trio of horse’s asses!)

May each writer record what I left on their heart.
For My final words as I depart.
(That will keep theologians from getting too smart!)

Oh, I make this checklist and forget something essential.
I need a tomb for my burial.
And as I told My disciples both harshly and gentle:
“Remember it’s only a three day rental! ”


Some in the crowd could be heard mumbling aloud

Mark 12

Jesus told a parable
on how a vineyard was run
and how it cost the owner the life of his son.
The father pledged retaliation
To avenge his son as well as recapture the plantation.
After hearing this, some in the crowd
Could be heard mumbling aloud
“This Jesus is a terrorist against the Administration.”

Jesus was asked a question,
“Should we pay taxes to the oppression?”
Jesus always being broke
Asked for a coin from the folk.
Then He asked “Whose face is on this bling?”
All replied, “ You know- the king!”
Then Jesus finished by being wise:
“Give the kings their due
The earthly and well as the One in Paradise. “
After hearing this, some in the crowd
Could be heard mumbling aloud
“Ooooh, playing the God card- very nice!”

Jesus warned how the Temple was a money racket
Then what He saw next made Him nearly blow a gasket
A poor widow dropped in all her wealth into the basket
He thought:
“Why isn’t the Temple looking after her welfare!”
After seeing this, some in the crowd
Could be heard mumbling aloud
“Did He just say she gave more than a millionaire?”


Meditation on Matthew 5:1-10


Blessed are the poor in spirit,
“For they are just unworthy servants;
who have only done their duty.” [1]

Blessed are those who mourn,
For they believe:
“whoever lives and believes in Me
will never die.”[2]

Blessed are the meek
For they will be told :
“Well done, good and faithful servant!”[3]

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness,
For they will hear:
“For when you took care of
the least of your brothers,
You did it for Me.”[4]

Blessed are the merciful,
For they know that
The Lord their God is a merciful God. [5]

Blessed are the pure in heart,
For their treasure is
protected by their love.[6]

Blessed are the peacemakers,
For the blameless and upright
will not be destroyed. [7]

Blessed are those who are persecuted
for their faith,
May they remember that:
“The man who formerly persecuted us
is now preaching the faith
he once tried to destroy."[8]

1- Luke 17:10 (NIV)
2- John 11:26 (NIV)
3- Matthew 25:23 (NIV)
4- Matthew 25:40 (NIV)
5- Deut. 4:31 (NIV)
6- Luke 12:34 (Paraphrase)
7- Psalm 37:37-38 (NIV/Adapted)
8- Galatians 1:23 (NIV)


Easter prayer

Stare into the empty tomb,
No need for that burial perfume.
There ain’t no mystery,
We’re at the tipping point of history.

Love has replaced the Law,
Death has been snatched from Satan’s claw.
May the world be advised,
Both pagan and the baptized,
Yeah, the revolution was not televised.

So let’s leave that hole in the earth,
Time for being born again/ a spiritual rebirth.
Feel the air warmed by the new spring sun,
Rejoice when justice is done.
Breathe in the mercy, grace and goodness,
Kill the life of sin, regret and meanness.

There must be a word to describe this,
This beautiful Sabbath bliss,
Gotta be bigger than a noun that exists.
Must be a verb.
I think I know this divine word.

Allow the new verb enter into our speech,
So let this new conjugation be preached:
I am Eastered.
You are Eastered.
He and She are Eastered.
They are Eastered.
Oh Jesus, we are so Eastered.

So we all agree -
He is risen indeed.
And before we eat the ham,
or for some of us a leg of lamb.
May this prayer be of every feaster:
I am Eastered.
You are Eastered.
He and She are Eastered.
They are Eastered.
Oh Jesus, we are so Eastered.


Thoughts while passing by the cross

(Good Friday meditation)

Weren’t you the guy my kids were telling me about on Sunday?
The roar of the crowd, the singing of the Hosannas,
I bet Moses could of heard it from heaven.

You brought your friend back from the dead,
You fed the multitudes,
healed the sick.

Heard You walked on water, stopped a storm,
and saved a woman from stoning.
A good man who could have been our great leader.

But then You had to tell the Pharisees who You are,
You disrupted their courtyard commerce,
taking away their prestige and
upsetting them by not being their kind of Messiah.

But now where are Your followers?
All I see is one of them,
four women and
me with my Passover lamb.


Do you hear what I hear?

Luke 8:4-8 (Parable of the Soils)

When he said this, he called out, "He who has ears to hear,
let him hear.”

Inside our souls
there are four chambers
where God’s word can reside.

In one part
God expected a praise,
Instead He heard the phrase:
“One of these days,”
or even worse:
“No puedo hablar ingl├ęs.”

There is another section
that once had God’s affection.
But now
all He hears about are
issues of fear, gossip and recession.

The third segment
started out like they were glory bound
only to run aground.
They blamed some bad weed
for causing them to not take heed.
O Lord, say a prayer for the pretender,
They couldda been a contender.

The last delegation
follows the Creator’s wishes
without procrastination.
They do not become weary in working out
their salvation,
and the harvest they bring in
is beyond all earthly calculation.