(Acts 9:36-42)
There was a female Lazarus named Tabitha
But hardly anyone knows of her story
So when October 25th comes up on the calendar
Let’s remember her part for God’s glory.


Without Love, where would you be now?

(Luke 7:1-10)
I am not worthy
to share in Your glory.
Yet You slaughter
the fatted heifer
for us prodigal sons and daughters.
I am not worthy
to share in Your glory.
As I hammer the nails in
For my sin.
I am not worthy
to share in Your glory.
But say the word
And my soul shall be healed.


When talking around God’s table


When talking around God’s table
Let’s not act like Cain and Abel.
Your argument should not be a big drama
and please don’t end it with, “Yo mama!”

When discussing around God’s table,
Let your heart and soul be graceful.
In order to be God’s spokesman
Your mind must be faithful and open.

When responding to someone at God’s table
Let not your words be wasteful.
There is a time for your statement.
So be patient, be patient, be patient.

When listening at God’s table
Let your attitude be charitable.
Everyone hasn’t traveled the same road as you,
Listen to the route taken by the girl with the tattoo.

When sitting around God’s table
Understand everyone’s position if you’re able.
Don’t be on Facebook with your iPhone
When someone is making their thoughts known.

When talking around God’s table
Let not your speech be hateful.
And the point you’re trying to sell
Doesn’t improve when you yell.

When debating around God’s table
Do not use stories from your crazy uncle.
If you want the question to have closure
Unite the facts with Scripture.

Have a leader at God’s table.
Someone who can discern fact from fable.
Someone who will let everyone be heard.
Someone who believes:
God first, everyone else second, and he or she third.

At end of the session at God’s table
Does our business return to usual?
Maybe God’s purpose in the end
Was for you to make a new friend.