Ten Commandments

There is one God. All others are pagan.
His name is not Buddha,Shiva,Oprah or Reagan.

This one God demands His glory to be the highest.
Only worship Him from New York to Budapest.

This one God hates those who continually curse Him
with their breath.
His Law states those who do
will be put to death. [1]

The Lord could see man developing hypertension,
So the Sabbath was His life saving invention.

The previous four commands relate to the Father
The next six are for our sisters and brothers.

God placed you in your parents care,
so you can learn how to live, love and share.

Choose life’s promise and not death’s grave.
Jesus died so all may be saved.

Honor all relationships including your mate,
Involve the prodigal as well as the cheapskate.

Goods should not be smuggled,
as well as books should not be juggled.

May dishonesty abate,
With everyone speaking freely without words of hate.

If want is confused with need,
The result will be definitely Greed.

There is one more given from Above:
Jesus said: “Love, love, love!” [2]

1- Lev 24:16
2 -Mark 12:30-31