Conventional Wisdom 30 AD

Matthew 3:7-12 (John The Baptist)

His daddy was a priest
Now this pastor’s kid has turned into a beast.
Calling me and my friends snakes,
“Repent,” he screams and shakes.

At the Temple, we study the Torah
and rejoice.
He tells us with our noses in the Book,
We’ll never hear His voice.

We reply: “We are God’s original franchise.
Why do you antagonize?
Abraham started our nation.
John, you’re headed for damnation.”

And stop washing those whores in the river
Just seeing that gives me a shiver.
Stop polluting the Jordan I pray,
or I’m going to have to call the EPA.

He tells us, God’s anger is set on desecration
and then there will be a service of cremation.
John, we ain’t gonna burn,
Cause God said not ashes
but unto dust we shall return.

As far the One who is greater than you,
Whose sandals you can’t undo.
After He listens to your tale of the coming wrath,
Send Him to us and we’ll set Him on the right path.