(Acts 2)

They all got together/And before the prayer

In came in the wind/In came the fire

And created a polyglot choir.

Then they were not bashful./To proclaim the Gospel

That salvation can come to the lost

to all the attendees of the Pentecost.

A troll stated,/“You guys gotta be inebriated!”

Peter replied, “ They are drunk on a different Spirit,

you dumb punk!”

Listen well to the prophet Joel:

At the end,/God will send

on those who recognize Him as Lord

His Spirit.

They will inherit the reward


Life without limit.

The young will tell of what’s going down.

The old will dream dreams unbound.

Slaves will tell of the sun being dark as mud.

They will tell of the moon the color of blood.


Those who believed /and perceived

the signs,

They will receive

an invitation to the Celebration.

Jesus was the man/ who carried out God’s plan

By showing who is the great I AM.

Instead of accepting your Messiah,

You yelled, “Crucify ya!”

But God stepped in /and killed death and sin.

So the crowd asked “What can we do?”

Peter replied:

“Repent and be baptized, every one of you.

This is for the forgiveness of sin.

Also ask the Holy Spirit to dwell within.”

Three thousand felt the indwelling.

Sold all their bling.

Shared everything.

And started living.