Memo to the Boss

Matthew 6:9-13 (NIV) (The Lord’s Prayer)

“The world is organized in settled formulae,
so that pastoral letters and love letters sound like memos.”
** “Finally Comes the Poet” Walter Brueggeman p 3

To: God@heaven.com


Hope You’re having a nice weekend.

We will implement the corporate plan You have devised.

Yes, I’ve talked to people who have been using the Son’s name (and Yours) in an inappropriate manner. I have relayed that this will not be tolerated and if it continues they can go exercise their free speech rights with the competition.

A few trouble areas You may want to look into this coming week:

1. Departmental Relations: The “Love thy Enemy” motivational poster to say it mildly is a failure. The world polarization index made its seventh straight monthly increase. First attempts out of PR are pretty weak: “Can’t we all get along?” Could You swing by their office with some inspiration?

2. The competition: Let’s face it, Your Boy hit it on the head:. "Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin!”(Matthew 18:7a) . Two millenniums later it’s worse than ever. The other side is labeling us as marginal players! How can we recover with only utilizing love? Can I get some face time to discuss this?

As always, thank You keeping me fed physically and spiritually,

Your humble servant.