O god of fantasy

O god of fantasy,
who watches over the casualties
caused by your fallacies.

A religion …
Where the truth is less than a lie
hate can be justified.

A belief of…
What my beloved doesn’t know won’t open up a can of worms.
where sacrifice can be done completely on my terms.

And a world that will bless
your culture of excess
with the goal to impress
the god of fantasy
but fails
in the eyes of the
God of Reality.


The business of grace

He goes to the file cabinet,
pulls out the oft used form
and fills in
today’s date and your name
and asks you to sign it.

You read it
and it dawns on you
it’s the same contract
every time.

Not a renewal,
nor a modification of terms,
or anything odd.
It reads:
You Shall be My People, and I Will be Your God.

So you sign it
push the paper across the desk.
He hands it to the Witness
who seals it in His blood
and tells you,
“Go, and sin no more.”


What Image Might We Find?

To whom, then, can we compare God?
What image might we find to resemble him? Isaiah 40:18 (NLT)

on a beautiful fall day,
children scream their lungs out,
the mature meditate on a park bench.
Lovers walk hand in hand,
new parents push the buggy.
Smell of food on the grill,
dogs obey their masters,
girls are texting and giggling.
theologians inside their rooms
wonder about
man’s potential to be godly.

on a dreary winter day,
children have cabin fever
the mature have lost their patience.
Lovers are in hand to hand combat,
new parents can’t take another Disney DVD.
Microwave popcorn burning,
dogs forget who’s the alpha male,
girls text and moan.
theologians go outside
and wonder about
man’s potential to be godly.