Meditations on Matthew 25:14-30

(The parable of the talents)

Once upon a time,
There was a man who committed a crime
of burying his master’s dollars and dimes.

And when the master returned
and asked for his treasure,
the servant gave it to him
measure for measure.
The boss screamed, “Where is my return?!?!”
The servant mumbled,
“Preserving what I got was my concern,
along with your reputation of being so stern.”

Not surprisingly, he was fired for incompetence.
therefore he couldn’t get a letter of reference.
And now he’s doing without a health plan
No dentist for the gnashing,
No shrink for the crying man.


The parable of the 10 virgins

Matthew 25:1-13

The bridegroom entrusted the lamps to the virgins
“After all,” he reasoned, “they ain’t brain surgeons.”
I guess he was right,
Because when he brought back his bride that night
The light along the doorway wasn’t all that bright.

During the feast, he answered the door,
And there was the rest of the crew back
from the store.
They said, “Come on let us in, Marty!”
He replied,

“Sorry, you have to light
for the right
to party!”


A Father’s Business Postscript

Luke 2:41-52 NKJV)
The Boy Jesus at the Temple

Mom held in her heart that day long past

And I remember the next day, Dad waking up my sorry ass.

In my teen angst, I moaned, “What is it, Boss of Bosses?”

He replied, “Rise and shine! [1]
We gotta finish that big order of Roman crosses.”

Note 1 - Isaiah 60:1


A Father’s Business

Luke 2:41-52 (NKJV)
The Boy Jesus at the Temple

“Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?”

Did you give a thought about mine?

Two late jobs ,

And one lost job bid,

All because I had to go fetch my kid.

But at the Seder,

When it was asked:

"Why is this night different from all other nights?”

I felt that he had an answer to that question

that no one else

but my Lord God could recite.


I want the things you just can’t give me

Mark 10:17-22 (Rich Young Ruler)

Could the gospel writers got it wrong,
when they said Christ’s wishes
were defeated by the world’s riches?

Perhaps why the young man left,
was the second request.

“Follow me.”

The rich young ruler could plainly see
from being with
the scribes and the Pharisees
that the good teacher
would go under the third degree.

He thought:
“Why would I trade my palace
to face the world’s malice?
This is not the road for eternal life
this is a certain way to death and strife.”

And as he left Jesus in despair
He was troubled by the message of
Christ’s loving stare,
“Both of us know
what is going to come about,
Be my friend and change the world
beyond any doubt.”


Do you have this in a 40 regular?

Like an anxious one not getting upset,
Or a gambler who swears off a bet.
Like an alcoholic who gives up the sauce,
We all gotta get up and pickup our cross.

Like a pessimist who tries to hope,
Or a junkie who swears off dope.
Like a sore loser accepting a loss,
We all gotta get up and pickup our cross.

Oh Jesus, can’t I have some control?
Can I least take it off when I bowl?
I know you told me to figure the cost
We all gotta get up and pickup our cross.


What did I sign up for?

Dial my ego back from nine to none,
Hauling that cross ain’t much fun,
Now you tell me
to take care of the least of these,
Is the next thing you are gonna ask is
for me to talk to You from my knees?


Meditations on Psalm 119:25-40

Verses 25-32
when I am lost
I ask everybody else for directions,
and realize I’m no closer to my destination.
I then come
to talk to You,
read Your map
and understand where Home is.

Verses 33-34
Don’t shove.
You have more than a pair.
Or how else can you get through the day?
And the Lord’s command to Gentile and Israeli,
Repeat daily.

Verse 37
Tom Cruise reads Dianetics to chill,
and of course there’s Dr. Phil.
People in cubicles read “Who moved my cheese?”
Or me with a verse in my head and on my knees.


Identity Theft

Luke 14:33 In the same way,
any of you who does not
give up everything he has
cannot be my disciple.

Jesus said,

“Go ahead
steal my identity

Love those
you had considered
as trolls.

Sell your greed
treasures that last.

Finally, your pride
must fall and
break its neck.

Follow Me.”


Lost Focus

Mark 7:7 And in vain they worship Me,
Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.

Does your Bible translation really matter?
Will it change who’s your Master?

Does it matter where you go to church?
For two times a year, you do put in a lot of research.

Does it matter that you understand the Trinity?
As long as is it isn’t the
Money, Sex and Power obscenity.

Does your church looks down
at some baptisms as subequal?
Come on guys!
It’s not a secret initiation ritual.

What’s up with the fish on your car?
Does it protect you on the way home from the bar?

Is someone waging war on Christmas Day?
Oh, Santa will find them out and make them pay.

Worship music selection.
Who to vote for in the next election.
The prosperity gospel is so perverse.
Oh, this poem is just gone from bad to worse.

So I’m just gonna sing:
I'm coming back to
the heart of worship.
And it's all about You ,
All about You ,
Jesus. [1]

1 - Heart of Worship (1999) ; Matt Redman


Conventional Wisdom 30 AD

Matthew 3:7-12 (John The Baptist)

His daddy was a priest
Now this pastor’s kid has turned into a beast.
Calling me and my friends snakes,
“Repent,” he screams and shakes.

At the Temple, we study the Torah
and rejoice.
He tells us with our noses in the Book,
We’ll never hear His voice.

We reply: “We are God’s original franchise.
Why do you antagonize?
Abraham started our nation.
John, you’re headed for damnation.”

And stop washing those whores in the river
Just seeing that gives me a shiver.
Stop polluting the Jordan I pray,
or I’m going to have to call the EPA.

He tells us, God’s anger is set on desecration
and then there will be a service of cremation.
John, we ain’t gonna burn,
Cause God said not ashes
but unto dust we shall return.

As far the One who is greater than you,
Whose sandals you can’t undo.
After He listens to your tale of the coming wrath,
Send Him to us and we’ll set Him on the right path.


The first color

Genesis 1 (Creation)

The first Sunday School lesson

back from summer vacation

was to make a drawing

of your favorite day of creation.

There were pictures of planets, plants and seas

and all the animals were tamed.

There was one kid who started his canvas

with just a thick black frame.

I asked as I passed by,

“Can’t decide on which day?”

”No, I’m finished,” was his reply.

“Because didn’t God say:

“Let there be white?”



PSALM 51:3 (NLT)

For I recognize my rebellion;
it haunts me day and night.

O LORD, I bring forth my enemy.

He hurts, misleads and troubles me.

Lord have mercy on the terrorist in my soul,

for You alone can heal me.