James, John and Bartimaeus

They drew close to Jesus
to make their request.

He shouted at Jesus
to make his request.

They drew close to Jesus
so the others couldn’t hear.

He shouted at Jesus
and didn’t care about those
trying to silence him.

They addressed Him
as Teacher.

He called Him
Son of David.

They asked their question
in confidence that it would be answered.

He asked only
to have mercy on him.

And Jesus asked the same question
to each of them:
“What do you want me to do for you?”

They asked for glory.
He asked for his sight.

Jesus answered James and John,
“Even though you will follow Me
till the end,
The greatest of you must be a slave.”

Jesus answered Bartimaeus,
(one of the least of the town)
“Through your faith
you will see.”

James and John endured
the others
giving them the business.

And the crowd
at Jericho
what kind of business
Jesus was in.


“What do you want me to do for you?”

2 Samuel 21:1-14

What do you want me to do for you?”,
David asked the Gibeonites.
“Saul who has destroyed our people,
has left us homeless in the midst of famine.”

“So, what do you want me to do for you?”,
David asked again.

“Give us seven of Saul’s descendants.
We will kill them and leave their bodies
in the sight of Saul’s God.”

And David selected the men
and allowed them to be killed
and to be left hanging on a cross.

the mother of two of the men,
came up the hill.
Spread out a sackcloth for herself
and protected all the bodies
from the birds of the air
and the beasts of the land.

And while the festival of harvest
was going on below,
God saw what was happening
on the hill
answered the prayer of land
by opening a cloud
of His tears.

“What do you want me to do for you?”,
Jesus answered their request.

“We want to be next to You
when You come in glory.”

“Can you follow the path
I AM going to take?”

“No problem.
So how about those seats in the suite?”

“You will follow Me
this is true.
However those places
have already been reserved.”
And before the rest
of the followers
could start speculating
on who would have
those great seats

The Master said,
“The weak that move against
the powerful
in their own small ways,
They will see the Kingdom of God.”

Learning How to Kneel

On my knees,
beads in hand
for the last six weeks
reciting the old prayers
of childhood.
remembering things
Recalling people
of the past.
meditating on the
of Jesus
and my life.

This should be
boring as hell,
repetitively stating
my status as a sinner.
Asking the Father
for my forgiveness
as well as others.
Requesting Mary
fifty-three times
to intercede for us sinners.

Instead when finished
I sense
an unrecognizable boredom,
not because I’ve practiced it
many times before,
because I haven’t;
not because it’s old hat,
but because it’s still too new.


Lot’s Daughters

Genesis 19:30-38(NIV)

If we could text,
We’re sure we would type:

If any of our friends,
were still alive.

Mom’s dead.
Dad didn’t like the new town.
Instead we
headed for the hills.
and are living in a cave.


And we’re wondering
about Dad’s uncle and aunt
Abram and Sarai.
It appears from here,
we three are the last of the tribe.


And remembering how they
went on and on
how our tribe was going be
as numerous as the
grains of sand
at the beach.
Yeah, sis.
As many as the
stars in the sky.


What were they thinking?
That Hagar scheme didn’t
work out at all.
And even though
Old Aunt Sarai is a hottie,
(Can’t imagine Abe pawning her off
to a king twice)
Two words: Ancient Sex

Eew! Eew! Eew!

So sis,
It looks like it’s up to us.
Good thing we grabbed
the bottle
from Mom’s purse.

The double neat for Dad
and small one for us
I’ll go first
and you can follow me.

No sloppy seconds for you!
You can have him tomorrow.

OK sis,
A toast before we start.
May the one God of
Great Uncle Abram
and Great Aunt Sarai
remember us
in His book of Life.


Caveat Emptor

God said,
“Eat from the tree and
you will be separated from Me.”

The serpent said,
“You and Him will not be strangers.
There is no danger.
Eat from the tree and
you will be an image of God.”

And the greatest con job on Man
was a done deal.

Selling to someone
a perfect, precious thing
that they already possessed.