James, John and Bartimaeus

They drew close to Jesus
to make their request.

He shouted at Jesus
to make his request.

They drew close to Jesus
so the others couldn’t hear.

He shouted at Jesus
and didn’t care about those
trying to silence him.

They addressed Him
as Teacher.

He called Him
Son of David.

They asked their question
in confidence that it would be answered.

He asked only
to have mercy on him.

And Jesus asked the same question
to each of them:
“What do you want me to do for you?”

They asked for glory.
He asked for his sight.

Jesus answered James and John,
“Even though you will follow Me
till the end,
The greatest of you must be a slave.”

Jesus answered Bartimaeus,
(one of the least of the town)
“Through your faith
you will see.”

James and John endured
the others
giving them the business.

And the crowd
at Jericho
what kind of business
Jesus was in.