If Jesus is the reason for the season

(Christmas Meditation)
If Jesus is the reason for the season,
Why does the world see that as high treason?

The world screams: “We need to be overextending!
We can’t go through Xmas without overspending!”
Oh, come on!
What’s better than having some fun until dawn
or even reading the Gospel of John.

If Jesus is the reason for the season,
What giving would be the most pleasing?

Writing a fan letter to your favorite celeb in detox,
Packing a three pack of condoms in a seafarer’s box,
Slipping a gift card to a toll road attendant,
Oh, I feel sorry for those atheist nonobservants.

Yes, Jesus is the reason for my being,
And after I’ve finished singing
all about a world full of joy,
Guess what? -Here comes the birthday Boy!

You want Your gift?
What do You desire from a world set adrift?
Ipods, laptops or bling?
You want everything!?!?!? [1]

Note 1- Luke 14:33