Independence Day Manifesto

The stakes are too great-
an America gone mad with materialism, 
a police-state America, 
a sexless and soulless America 
prepared to battle the world 
in defense of a false image of its authority. 

Not the wild and beautiful America
of the comrades of Walt Whitman, 
not the historic America 
of William Blake and Henry David Thoreau 
where the spiritual independence of each individual was an America, 
a universe, 
more huge and awesome than 
all the abstract bureaucracies and authoritative officialdoms 
of the world combined.

Only those who have entered the world of spirit 
know what a vast laugh there is 
in the illusory appearance of worldly authority. 
And all men at one time or other enter that Spirit, 
whether in life or death.

How many hypocrites are there in America? 
How many trembling lambs, fearful of discovery? 
What authority have we set up over ourselves, 
that we are not as we are? 
Who shall prohibit an art from being published to the world? 
What conspirators have power to determine our mode of consciousness, 
our sexual enjoyments, our different labors and our loves? 
What fiends determine our wars?

When will we discover an America
that will not deny its own God? 
Who takes up 
arms, money, police, and a million hands 
to murder the consciousness of God? 

Who spits in the beautiful face of poetry 
which sings of the glory of God 
and weeps in the dust of the world?

Alan Ginsberg, 2000

Amber Alert

Sometimes the Church
Sometimes the World
are like the Psalmist.

When some tragedy occurs
they ask the Other,
"Where were You?"

And when we discern
the response
 is the same 
as what
Mary and Joseph heard,
“I AM where I AM 
supposed to be.” 

the quandary arises: 
Do we
like Mary place
the answer in our hearts
or silently wonder 
as Joseph:
“What is Your
Father’s business?”


The Impossible Takes a Little Longer

We hear the words,
and wonder
if Jesus is
to make His point.

And afterwards
we browse
the bulletin board
of the world
and read of 
makes us
if we have
any faith
at all.


The Other Guy

On the TV
Jesus said to Peter,
"I've come to bring you new life."
And Peter replied,
"Who says I need one?"

And we 
who drag
our baggage
each day, 
hear the gospel warning:
"forgiven little
loves little"
and think 
He is talking 
to someone else.



The President said,
“All we are doing
is making a log  
of your 
phone calls.”

And all of us 
 a sigh
of relief.

We’re glad 
our cover
hasn't been blown,
as we
about some poor soul.

Talk to our mistresses
and tell the beloved
you have to
 work late tonight.

Get a hot stock tip
from your brother-in-law
at Goldmans.

Thank God
our freedoms
and privacy
are not being harmed.

While the 
recording angels
scribble frantically 
in the 
Book of Life.


Christian President

"I wish we had a Christian President,"
she said.

"Yes," I replied.

"Imagine weapons 
turned into

Our debts
for a fresh start.

The blind 
lame and
won't worry 
pre-existing conditions.

And a new beginning
of the last 

"No, no, no," she said.

"All I meant,
 he would go to church every